Marshmallow Cups

Resealable crush-resistant cups of handcrafted gourmet marshmallows.

Family-friendly flavors. 12 cups/case.

Sundae Cups (assorted)

*** Click here for Standard & Seasonal Flavors***

Also available in Seasonal Combo Cups.  18 cups per case. 

Unicorn Food - Double Vanilla marshmallows in rainbow colors

Candy Corn - Double Vanilla marshmallows in Candy Corn colors.  (Available Sep 1 - Nov 1)

Carnival Fruit (shown below) - Carnival Orange, Cherry, and Lemonade marshmallows (Available Spring/Summer)

Why Be Basic - Double Vanilla, Sea Salt Caramel, and Pumpkin Spice marshmallows (Fall/Winter)

Marshmalloween - Grape, Lime, and Carnival Orange marshmallows.  (Available Sep 1 - Nov 1)

Sundae Cups - Carnival Fruit