Bulk Marshmallows

In addition to packaged gourmet marshmallows, MarshmallowMBA also has bulk marshmallow for candymakers, bakers, and other specialty culinary professionals. Ask about custom flavors and cuts.

Marshmallow Slabs

Available in all Standard and Specialty flavors.

3 sizes: 9”x13” (approx 1.5 ” thick) -  18”x13” (approx 1” thick) - 21”x15” (approx ½” thick)

(Due to variations in volume, MarshmallowMBA cannot guarantee thickness of slabs).

Net weight minimum 7lbs per case.  2 slabs/ case

Bulk Unicorn Food

10 pounds of MarshmallowMBA’s best selling Unicorn Vanilla marshmallows cut in ¾” cubes.  1600 per box.  Colorful addition for sundaes, “freak” shakes, baked goods, and specialty hot drinks!  Unique sweet garnish for mocktails.

Bulk Individually Wrapped Marshmallows

MarshmallowMBA gourmet marshmallows in individually wrapped packages. Up to 2 flavors per case.  Perfect to add as a “thank you” for takeout customers.  96/case.

Bulk Mini Marshmallows

MarshmallowMBA gourmet marshmallows in  ¼-inch cut. Perfect for coffee shops, bakeries, hot chocolate bars, special events

Net weight minimum 7 lbs per case. 1600-1800 marshmallows per case.

Bulk Mini S’morks

One-bite version of the original “s’mork”! Yes It’s a “s’mores” on a cocktail fork!

Perfect garnish for specialty hot beverages and cocktails!  Fun addition to dessert charcuterie plates for special events.

48 pieces/case.