Gourmet Marshmallows

Forget everything you know about marshmallows. At MarshmallowMBA we use traditional methods to create unique products that will change the way you think about marshmallows. Gone are the flavorless puffs of your past. Try gourmet marshmallows handcrafted from the finest available ingredients. When you experience the variety of flavors available with MarshmallowMBA you'll never turn to the bagged mallows again.

Let your imagination run wild. Perfect as a snack straight from the box, melted in your hot chocolate or coffee, the foundation for gourmet S’mores, part of an ice cream sundae, or a dessert for your dinner party. The sky's the limit! #celebratesweetly #whybebasic

Home of the S'mork

What is a S'mork? They're S'mores on a fork! These unique creations feature handcrafted extra-large gourmet marshmallows dipped in chocolate and coated with crunchy toppings. A MarshmallowMBA exclusive, S'morks make excellent gifts, party favors, or snacks for the family!

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#anythingbutvanilla #celebratesweetly #whybebasic

Our Story

After years of making marshmallows at the holidays, a friend asked why we weren't selling our confections... In 2016, MarshmallowMBA was born!

Hours of kitchen experiments, late night recipe revisions, sugar burns, early morning brainstorms, and an actual MBA go into all our marshmallows!  We're #anythingbutvanilla.

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