Wholesale Marshmallows

Family-friendly resealable marshmallow packages

Family-Friendly Packages and Flavors

4oz marshmallows cut for kid's hands (and mouths) in resealable bags and cups. Priced and packaged for candy stores, ice cream shops as well as other family-focused businesses.

Handheld s'mores on forks

Not "Just Marshmallows"

MarshmallowMBA makes sweet treats based on our handcrafted marshmallows.  Surprise customers with "s'morks" - our s'mores on a fork! XL marshmallows dipped in creamy chocolate and then rolled in crunchy cookie and candy pieces.

three flavor marshmallow wand

How Can We Help You?

Our current wholesale products list is available online. Click the "SEE MORE PRODUCTS" button. 

Give us a call at 717-739-6622 or drop us an email marshmallowmba@gmail.com at your convenience We look forward to surprising and delighting your customers!