GamersEdge Energy Marshmallows

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In 2016, MarshmallowMBA exhibited at its first comic con.  On Day 2, we were asked “Can you put caffeine in a marshmallow?” Our response: “Have we met???” For those who don’t know, one of the owners (cough **Amy** cough) has a severe caffeine addiction which MAY have been obvious from the many empty coffee cups and sugar free Red Bulls strewn around the booth… But the question piqued our creative sensibilities and soon after GamersEdge energy marshmallows arrived.

GamersEdge Energy marshmallows are the first “lifestyle” product made by MarshallowMBA.  Each marshmallow contains a proprietary blend of ingredients supporting 4 hours of increased focus and stamina in a delicious light and creamy base. Each package includes 2 marshmallows per bag

GamersEdge marshmallows are NOT just for RPG and e-game sessions! Perfect for students preparing for final exams and certifications.  Great for road trips as an alternative to energy drinks.

Available in 3 flavors:

  • Berry Buzz – Fruity flavors of mixed berries
  • BuzzBuzz Coffee – Deep dark creamy coffee
  • Citrus Kick – Sweet and tangy flavors of lemon, lime, and orange

6 packs (12 marshmallows. Single Flavor)   $35 (plus tax/shipping)

12 packs (24 marshmallows.  Available in single flavor or 3 flavor assortment)
$60 (plus tax/shipping)

GamersEdge marshmallows are naturally GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, EGG-FREE, and FAT-FREE. All MarshallowMBA products contain gelatin and are manufactured in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, and soy.

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