Gourmet marshmallows? What's different about MarshmallowMBA marshmallows?

You have questions, we have answers! 

What is a gourmet marshmallow?

MarshmallowMBA gourmet marshmallows are 1) handcrafted in small batches; 2) come in more than 100 flavors; 3) made with limited ingredients and 4) include no preservatives.  

What does MarshmallowMBA have for sale?

MarshmallowMBA has a variety of products available including traditional marshmallows by the dozen, energy marshmallows, athlete recovery marshmallows, marshmallow-based snack bars, marshmallow whip and S’morks™ AKA s’mores on forks.  Other items are available seasonally.  Click on Shop for details.

How soon can I get marshmallows?

Your marshmallows are handcrafted to order and will be shipped via UPS within 7-10 days of your order. Rush orders may be available. Contact us for special requests. 

What are GamersEdge™ energy marshmallows?

We’re glad you asked! GamersEdge™  were developed by special request.  These marshmallows include a proprietary blend that provides up to four hours of energy in a single marshmallow without a “crash”.  GamersEdge™  include caffeine and are available in fruit and coffee.

What are AthletesEdge™energy marshmallows?
AthletesEdge™energy marshmallows originally were developed for our runner friends and other athletes. Similar to GamersEdge™, these marshmallows boost energy for up to 4 hours.  They include brown rice syrup and electrolytes so can be used during competition or as a recovery treat.  AthletesEdge™ marshmallows are available in both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions.

Where can I find MarshmallowMBA products in real life?

MarshmallowMBA products are available online from the MarshmallowMBA Shop as well as specialty retail locations throughout the mid-Atlantic.  New locations arriving regularly!  Someplace you'd like to see us? Let us know!

What can I do with your marshmallows?

Anything you want!   We don’t judge… 

Make unique s’mores… Drop them in hot chocolate… Use them in gourmet rice krispie treats… Add them to sweet potatoes… Use whipped marshmallow in your coffee for a dairy-free cappuccino-type treat… Replace meringue with whipped marshmallow and toast under the broiler or with a kitchen torch… Use marshmallows as party favors... Create an entire dessert buffet out of marshmallows... 

Be creative! Let us know how you use them by posting to our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Do your marshmallows have egg in them?

MarshmallowMBA marshmallows contain no egg, dairy, fat or gluten!

Do you have marshmallows without corn syrup?

MarshmallowMBA honey marshmallows are made with local Pennsylvania honey and contain no corn syrup.  Cane syrup is also available as a corn syrup replacement by special request. Contact us via email for more information.

Are your marshmallows vegan/vegetarian?

No.  All MarshmallowMBA marshmallows and confections contain gelatin. 

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