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Just munching on a Buffalo Pretzel creation...Just the right amount of heat (for me) and sweet with lots of crunch. This item would go great with a cold beer on a warm summer night. Dang...now I gotta go buy some beer. My "regular" marshmallows are feeling neglected. LOL! - Gina

I had the opportunity to taste the chocolate raspberry flavor. When I opened the bag it was this very special "wow" moment. The aroma is fantastic and they are absolutely delicious!! On top of the flavor, the freshness is stunning. I am absolutely hooked! - Dirk

My first experience with flavored marshmallows and I am addicted. The quality, the customer service, the flavors-everything- I loved it!!! I got my fix now and will definitely be ordering more in the future!!! - Jessica


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MarshmallowMBA Awarded First York County Bloom Grant

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